Music is a special form of communication, which can translate the exact feelings emotions from the componist to the listeners. Music is the only kind of language, that can describe emotions exactly…without any words. Music is connecting.
This is what the music from german guitarist and composer Rory Rhoads is all about. Simple words can’t describe complex feelings like depression, the pain of a loss or a breakup after a toxic relationship. His music has a strong autobiographical touch and is trying to make such complex topics understandable to the attentive listener, even if they have never get in touch with those things. The goal is to connect everybody and support the mutual understanding for everybodys situation.
Genre wise, the songs always got a strong progressive core, with influences from classical music, jazz, really hard, fast and heavy metal stuff and if you ask…yes it can djent! His main influences are Ozzy Osbourne, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Periphery, Guns N Roses, Meat Loaf, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Rory Gallagher…to name just a few.

The first LP „Welcome to Neverland“ was released at 31th Octobre 2019. Actual he’s working on some instrumental stuff and the next album called: „The Mirror“.

The first Album – „Welcome to Neverland“

Complex Songstructures combined with memorable furious choruses and loaded with strong riffs and creative composing. That’s what the debut album ‚Welcome To Neverland‘ from composer and guitarist Rory Rhoads sounds like. Listen to epic and dark ‚Wall of Sounds‘ mixed with delicate and atmospheric moments on all your favorite streaming services.

Music is my life, and I want to give YOU the best that I am able to do! But to make a living from music is hard these times. If you want to support me to get better, so I can make more awesome stuff for you, I have two options for you! The first is, go to the store and buy a shirt or something else. I will get a little commision from this. Or you can support me directly with a donation on the button below! This is giving me the opportunity to invest in better gear, promotion and this is buying me time work on new content, songs and albums! Thank you so much and stay healthy!