My teaching concept is progressive and modern. Before a person learns to read and write, they first learn to speak. Once the rudimentary skills are in place, we focus on writing and reading. Music is nothing but communication and language, which can sometimes express complex emotions and feelings better than any written word. That’s why I first practice „speaking“ on the instrument with my students. Together, we develop a relaxed, efficient, and healthy playing technique, a basic knowledge of harmony and rhythm, as well as a foundation in improvisation before delving into reading and writing music to refine and expand our musical expression. This approach fosters a stronger connection to the instrument, a better-trained ear, and more enjoyment in playing. The shared goal with each student is to use the acquired knowledge of theory and playing to compose their own piece, which we then record and finalize together in my premises. In addition to musical knowledge, insights into music production can also be provided. My aim is to educate holistic musicians with their own style and character. The first lesson is a free and non-binding trial lesson to get to know each other, to see if and which instrument is right for me, and to clarify any further questions.

I not only love making music, but also listening to music of various genres. As a result, I have a comprehensive understanding and feeling for various orientations. Being able to listen and understand what a song needs is an essential part of music production to preserve the essence of the piece, make every part transparent and audible, and make the music market and competitive. For this purpose, I work with the best plug-ins from Fabfilter, Native Instruments, Oeksound, Kazrog, and other manufacturers to achieve an analog-sounding, lively, and powerful end result, always in close consultation with my clients. Due to the digital working method, change requests can also be made quickly and easily. In an initial discussion over the phone, a video call, or in person, we will jointly explore what your ideas are about your sound, how we can realize them, and achieve the best result.

Due to my broad interest in all kinds of music styles, I am able to not only cover a wide range of genres but also to play them authentically. I am as adept at reading music as I am spontaneous, and I can support you in your project or performance and help you achieve your goal. If you’re missing a guitarist or bassist for your performance, I’m happy to step in and support you on stage! If you need a bass or guitar track for your song/album, whether it’s already fully composed or you still need assistance with the right line, I’m equally happy to help you reach your goal. With my wide selection of equipment and instruments, we will always find the right sound for your music, whether in the studio or on stage.

Do you have a song idea but don’t know how to implement or realize it? Let’s work together on your idea and bring your vision to life! With my many years of experience as a composer and songwriter, I have a quick grasp of what a song needs to bring out the best in your idea. My studio is equipped with the latest VST instruments from Native Instruments as well as the latest drum samples from GGD. We can work together to refine your vision, reproduce any sound you have in mind, and go through this process together from the writing process to the finished master.

Equipped with a Kemper Profiling Amp and an extensive profile catalog, a comprehensive collection of IRs and IR mixing programs, as well as Darkglass hardware pedals, we can give your DI track the sound your song deserves. Together in my premises, we have the opportunity to fine-tune your sound until you have exactly the guitar or bass sound you’ve always imagined.


WhatsApp: +491786098297

Rory Rhoads is a guitarist, bass player, composer, producer, mix and master engineer based in Germany. His music is progressive, fueled with heavy and „djenty“ riffs, spiced with some shreddy and blistering guitar solos, but also airy and meditative soundscapes… always with structured songwriting in mind, to take the listener on a musical journey and to lift them out of their daily routine. Rory’s influences are wide and diversified across all different genres. To name just a few: Dream Theater, Ozzy Osbourne, Devin Townsend, Periphery, but also Guns N‘ Roses, Rory Gallagher, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin, jazz legends like Django Reinhardt, Joscho Stephan, Julian Lage, classical guitarists and composers like Augustin Barrios, Francisco Tárrega, Isaac Albéniz, Ana Vidovic, and guitar heroes like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Slash, Paul Gilbert, and especially John Petrucci. You can tell that the knowledge of all these different styles in music makes him a very versatile player.

The first album „Welcome to Neverland“ was released on October 31st, 2019. On January 31st, 2024, he released an instrumental called „Anxiety“. Currently, he’s working on more instrumentals and his second LP, which will be called „The Mirror“.

The first Album – „Welcome to Neverland“

Complex Songstructures combined with memorable furious choruses and loaded with strong riffs and creative composing. That’s what the debut album ‚Welcome To Neverland‘ from composer and guitarist Rory Rhoads sounds like. Listen to epic and dark ‚Wall of Sounds‘ mixed with delicate and atmospheric moments on all your favorite streaming services.

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