Künstler Rory Rhoads

Rory Rhoads is a german guitarist and composer who wanted to create something special for his solo debut. He wants to draw pictures in the mind of his listeners, while there get sucked into his complex and storytelling compositions which are taking the audience on a musical journey through a mix of many different genres, which always got a strong progressive metal core.

Rory Rhoads has worked as a composer and sessions musician for a whole of bands and artists but always wanted to do something on his own. So he decided to make a solo record, but not just with a bunch of songs. The target was to create a concept, which runs through the entire album but does not get boring. Under the main topic ‚Progressive Metal‘ and some influences from classic music, ambient, dark jazz and some film music scores, he composed six songs full of musical diversity. The lyrics are about autobiographical themes which are written ambiguous, so everybody could identify with them. When everything was finished, he called the female german singer ‚Mila Doering‘ to lend her voice to the album. They worked hours together to fit her voice into the compositions and make everything sound like a strong unit. The german producer Björn Diewald took the instrumental takes from Rorys compositions and the vocal takes from Milas Voice, which where recorder in the Frida Park Studios, gave the work the finishing touch and the silvery shine. On the thirty-first octobre, suitable for halloween, Rory Rhoads debut album ‚Welcome To Neverland‘ was released by himself and is available on Amazon, Google Play Music, iTunes, Youtube, Deezer and Spotify. Currently he and his band are working on tour plans to rock these songs on the stages of the world.